Are you a consultant, coach or real estate agent? Are you getting daily quality leads into your LinkedIn inbox? If not, this training is for you!

You are ONE SKILL AWAY from bringing your business to another level.

I get you. Having your own business is a great feeling of freedom, working with the people you want, making a bigger impact in your community. And getting well paid for it!

It's THE DREAM of every entrepreneur. 

But then comes the hard questions...

How do I attract the right people for my business and how can they find me online?

How do I stand out in a competitive market?

How do I offer my services without sounding "selly"?

How do I actually close the deal?

Every entrepreneur needs to figure that out to basically make their business survive.

And if you NOT ONLY want to make your business survive but actually get those high-paying clients you should turn to the platform where you can find them. 

And that platform is LinkedIn. Yes, your clients are on LinkedIn! And no, it's only for recruiters and for you to share your CV...

So my question to you is: 

Are you using the FULL potential of your LinkedIn and you already closing those deals? 

Are you already generating DAILY inbound leads organically without trying to sell on someone? If not, it's the time to jump on that train and start generating some real numbers to your business.

Because the reason you got into having your own business is surely not begging people to buy from you...

So if this how you feel, and you know that there must be a better way to do business, then let's fix it!  

More and more entrepreneurs are realizing how powerful LinkedIn is, and I'm so glad to see their results! Before it get's too overcrowded, start getting those leads and turn them into clients. 

It's an exciting time to be on LinkedIn and generate business opportunities, and I want more ambitious entrepreneurs to get a piece of that cake! 

This is why I created this course. So you could discover another way to use your time online to design the life you want to have. 

And don't worry, I hate it when I take a course or a training and don't see the results of it. I want you to dig in and get real results. NO B.S. No promises, but a real step-by-step formula that will bring you leads on autopilot. 

So are you ready to make some real, positive changes in your business?

"I got 3 clients after just a month!"

After putting my first post on LinkedIn, I got 12,000 views!

Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to scale up, this is for you!

This online course is for those who want to spend less time selling and more time delivering!

You know that your clients are out there but you don’t like selling on someone. You feel like there must a better way to do this without getting in front of something screaming: “BUY FROM ME! BUY FROM ME! I CAN HELP YOU, WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING?”

But guess what, you don’t need to do it THAT WAY. You can work smarter by having a clear strategy and following those proven steps that will give you real, quality connections. People that want to work with you and value your offer.

You don’t like that kind of sales and you are tired of trying. There are people around you telling you that LinkedIn should work, but it feels intimidating. 

“And in any case, isn’t LinkedIn just a CV? There are only recruiters and bigger corporations on the platform. My potential clients are not on LinkedIn. “

Your potential clients ARE on LinkedIn. You might know HOW to find them and connect with them yet, but they are there waiting for you. 

You are not alone. This is why I created this course. So you don’t have to feel this away again. 

Why should I enrol?

  • I want to know how my business can get real results from social media, especially LinkedIn.
  • I want to get a step-by-step formula that is proven to work.
  • I want to save time and easily apply what I've just learned to my business.
  • I want more traffic and conversions from my online presence.
  • I don’t want to waste time “trying things out until it works”.

Why should I not enrol?

  • I have plenty of time to teach myself and try different tactics.
  • I don’t need more traffic and new clients.
  • I already have a process to attract many clients and recruiters without paying for any ads.
  • I understand how LinkedIn and Personal Branding works and I'm using it to its full potential.


  • Work towards your real business goals, and NAIL them!

    Social media can feel overwhelming, if we don't know what to focus on. Learn to set real goals for your business and to align them with your digital strategy.

  • Stop searching for leads, make them COME TO YOU instead!

    How much time do you spend on searching for those clients and convince them that you are the right option? What if they could come to you instead? Build an All-star profile that will generate you leads on auto-pilot.

  • Convert leads to high-paying clients - The art of selling without selling

    Learn to network online and know what to do next in order to "close the deal". Get clarity on your buyer's journey and get away from the "pushy, selly feeling".

A 3-week INTENSIVE & LIVE program, designed to give you the main steps to attract DAILY qualified leads using LinkedIn

How this works

6 MODULES–In EACH module: 

WATCH: A video lesson

CREATE: Worksheets with actionable steps to work on 

HAND-IN: For accountability and individual support


+ Supportive Private Community 


The Modules


Module 1: Your ONE Target Audience

How well do you know your ONE target audience? That one that you really want to work with, who is paying you what your work is truly worth, not negotiating on prices or conditions. 

In this module: 

    How to decide on that ONE target audience 

    Understanding the natural buyer’s journey of your ideal customers on LinkedIn

    Understanding the buyer's blocks and how to address them

    Clarifying your true and unique solution that you are providing differently than anyone else

Module 2: Personal Branding on LinkedIn

When you understand WHO you are truly addressing with your LinkedIn strategy, it’s time to head to the next step – how you are showing up. How are you different from anyone else in your industry? How do you stand out?

Personal branding comes back to creating an emotion and transparency. You want to establish trust and dialogue from day 1. 

In this module:

    Why Personal Branding is the most effective way to create trust and business 

    Finding your unique voice and choosing what you want your ideal customers to see when they find you on LinkedIn

    How to build a personal brand step-by-step and making it aligned with your business goals  

Module 3: Building a LinkedIn Profile that Converts - from CV to Landing Page

Your LinkedIn profile is not a CV – it serves as a landing page for constant lead generation. 

In this module:

    Addressing the buyers blocks in your LinkedIn profile

    Integrating your personal brand

    Building out your profile as a landing page – the exact steps from A to Z

    Creating a pre-qualification process 

    Creating clear call-to-actions to lead your ideal clients into your funnel 

Module 4: Networking Online – An Introduction to Social Selling 

OK, as we move into module 4 we already have an optimized LinkedIn profile that generates curiosity and attention from your potential and ideal customers. But what do you do with them when they send you a connection request? 

Do you like sales? If the answer is NO, there is a chance that you don’t do much as you don’t want to come off as sales aggressive or pushy. If the answer is YES, then there is also a chance that you go too hard on it and scare your prospects away. 

There is a good in-between and it’s called social selling. You will learn how to do this type of soft yet effective sales approach in this module.   

Cold calling is not working anymore, and the buyer’s journey is far more complex than a couple of years ago. This is why social selling is so crucial to understand and apply.

Module 5: Content – Creating content that attracts your ideal clients 

Having a good LinkedIn profile makes you stand out and attracts the right, ideal clients. Content reassures that connection that you have the expertise and that you understand them truly. That you are someone that would be a good fit. In this section, you discover the fundamentals of good content online.

In this module:

    The difference between content that goes “viral” and content that converts

    The 4 types of content to address to guide your prospects further

    The LinkedIn algorithms and how they work

    How to go from a passive content consumer to an active content creator

Module 6: Your 3-month LinkedIn Funnel Strategy + How to go further

After 3 weeks of ongoing support, it’s time to wrap up what you have learned and put it all into an ongoing strategy. You will learn how to keep maintenance of what you learned and integrate it into your schedule. You will learn how to work out your own LinkedIn & Personal Branding Strategy, that will allow you to have clarity and direction for your online presence.

In this module:

    Your 12-week action plan

    Time management – 30 min per day max!

    How to track your results and keep yourself accountable

    How to go further with LinkedIn 


Your Support for Growth and Success as a Thought Leader

Daria Vodopianova

Co-founder of the Thought Leadership Academy and the LinkedIn Funnel Blueprint, Daria Vodopianova is the quintessential digital strategist. She blends her many years of experience and academic background with cutting-edge ideas to empower ambitious entrepreneurs and founders to get better positioning, more inbound leads and scale their thought leadership. 2*TEDx-speaker, international keynote-speaker and bestselling author, Daria has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs in how to get smarter and faster in reaching their business goals using LinkedIn. She was invited to speak about her groundbreaking work in events such as RE/MAX Europe International Convention, Nomad Cruise, TEDx and Social Selling Forum.

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