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Before we go further, a couple of quick questions!

👇 How would this make you FEEL? 👇

✅  Having a strong support system of AMAZING leaders and founders on a similar transformational journey as yourself, there with you to support all your wins and help you through hard times?   

✅   Unlocking what’s keeping you from being the biggest, boldest version of yourself

✅    Narrowing down on YOUR mission, crafting a life doing what you LOVE, knowing that you are impacting lives profoundly with what you do

✅    Getting the tools and proven methods to set boundaries, quiet the “monkey brain”, get back control of time, find back to joy, and reshape your identity…and so much more! 

If this is resonating with you, keep reading!

💪 Do you have a bigger vision for your life? Do you feel like there’s more to it? Then you are in the right place. TribeYear is a physical and virtual 6-month program where we take on 30 hand-picked individuals and help them to scale their inner leadership. By applying the tools developed by Daria and Sébastien and taking action on the inner work, the outer leadership sees growth and expansion. You learn how to grow your business from a place of mission and impact. In this program, you get the toolbox to scale a sustainable, joyful and conscious business from within. This is your chance to make a bigger impact on your surroundings and your community. 

🎯 Our members are all high-achievers. They aren't afraid to go deep within to find the real answers and ask themselves the bigger questions. They are ready to face their own limitations and believes to grow their leadership from within. They are leaders, founders, and managers. They are coaches, artists, and business owners. They all have a burning fire, a call for adventure and want to take massive action - but in a smart and conscious way. The 9-to-5 is not for them. They want more and they want it now. They want to FEEL good about themselves, feel supported to be the best version of themselves.  

👪 Moreover, they sometimes feel lonely. When we ask them “Who is in your support system?”, “Who is there to back you up, week by week (outside your family)?” most of them have a hard time answering that question. There is not a clear support-system for them of people who really get them.

Let’s face the real thing: Every SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur has a strong support system of like-minded people. It was valuable 100 years ago, and it’s as valuable today. However, 90% of current entrepreneurs don’t have a strong support system and are limiting themselves to get successful partly because of that. 

🔥 If you feel like it’s you, then you’ll get immense value from being part of TribeYear. This is the program where Sébastien and Daria bring together their 10 years of experience in group psychology, peak performance, and facilitation. This is for you who are ready for more!

We only take on 30 members at a time and each member is handpicked, to make sure they are a good fit for the TribeYear. There is no option to sign-up online unless you have gotten an invitation. Most of the times, as you have gone through the Next Chapter Experience. If you are reading this, know that you have been chosen personally by Sébastien and Daria to join this transformational program as they believe that you are ready for it!

As each member is hand-picked, not only can you expect to have an outstanding curriculum of learning, but also an amazing support system and network of members! 

Do you want to know if you are the right fit for TribeYear and if it's the right fit for you?

We chose our members based on these following criteria:

✅    You MUST be committed to your own growth and inner work. You realize that the decision to design your own life starts from within and you need to allow yourself to get support and receive help for change to happen. You don't need to know HOW (you will learn it in the TribeYear), just that nothing is possible unless you allow it to happen. Only when the thirst for growth comes from within can we create magic together!

✅   You must be committed to the growth and support of your Tribe-Members. We call it EXTREME GIVING.  We have a strong co-elevation over competition policy.  We are in it together and each member is there to support the others to shine brighter and become the best version of themselves. 

✅   You want this upcoming 6 months to be the best and boldest so far!  You are ready to commit to yourself to get there! We believe in working smarter not harder. We build sustainable businesses without using words like "hustling" and "crushing". 

✅ Monthly LIVE or RECORDED masterclass (75 min)

Each month, we are addressing a specific theme together. If you have gone through the Next Chapter Experience, see the monthly themes as deep-dives of the topics we address in the physical training. 

A couple of the monthly themes we are addressing together: 

-    Rejection and Saying No

-    Alterego Activation

-    Your Super Powers & Supervalues 

-    Crafting a 6-month Roadmap

-    Your 10-year Vision

-    Building out Your Physical Support System & Tribe

-    Money & Abundance

-    Productivity Hacks and Time Management 

✅ Business Speed Coaching (30 min)

Get coached by Daria & Sébastien on topics around scaling your educational part of your business 

✅ Mindset Speed Coaching (30 min)

The mindset plays a huge part in your personal and professional development. In this session, we address what's keeping you away from showing up as your biggest, boldest self.  

✅ Access to a private online community

You are never alone. In the online community, we share wins and questions coming up, finding support and accountability when needed. 

Access to three Next Chapter Experiences per year at a highly discounted member price! (value 6,000€+ in total) up to 55% discount on the official price.

Member price at our online programs: The LinkedIn Funnel Blueprint (value 997€), The Business of Speaking (value 999€), The Pivot Accelerator (value 3,000€).

Meet your Program Hosts

About Daria & Sébastien, co-founders of the TribeYear

Your Support for Growth and Success as a Thought Leader

Daria Vodopianova

Co-founder of the Thought Leadership Academy and the LinkedIn Funnel Blueprint, Daria Vodopianova is the quintessential digital strategist. She blends her many years of experience and academic background with cutting-edge ideas to empower ambitious entrepreneurs and founders to get better positioning, more inbound leads and scale their thought leadership. 2*TEDx-speaker, international keynote-speaker and bestselling author, Daria has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs in how to get smarter and faster in reaching their business goals using LinkedIn. She was invited to speak about her groundbreaking work in events such as RE/MAX Europe International Convention, Nomad Cruise, TEDx and Social Selling Forum.

Your Inner Superhero Awakener

Sébastien Roger de Nuñez

Sébastien is a profound transformational speaker. He has an obsession for the best practices to facilitate the deepest and quickest transformation. With Daria Vodopianova, they founded The Thought Leadership Academy and the Next Chapter Experience with the mission to empower the 21st century leaders to step up in their leadership and to inspire others to do the same. They balance deep inner transformational work with clear business strategies to help visionaries build an exciting and sustainable business around their ideas. Sébastien is a 4*TEDx-Speaker and 2*TEDx Official Speaker Coach. His first talk, “The Multilingual in You”, has more than 240,000 views! In the past years, he has trained over 30 TEDx-Speakers to prepare their talks, and hundreds of industry leaders to reach bigger audiences with powerful communication skills.


You can pay the 6-month subscription in once and get ONE month for free. If you prefer, you have the option of monthly installments. Whatever you chose, you are always backed up with our 30-days money-back guarantee.

Let's get started with the magic!

If not now, then when? If not with us, then with whom? We are here to fully support you to live an EXTRA-ORDINARY year. You are one click away to embark on a beautiful journey together with us and your new peers. You will learn the tools you need to live a life around your mission and you’ll make friends for life! We can’t wait to see you on the other side!!!